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Permanent Partial Disability Benefits in Wisconsin

Most people who suffer workplace injuries are eventually able to return to work. However, their injuries often have permanent physical impacts that can affect their future employment and quality of life. That is why permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits exist.

At the Madison-based law firm of Stafford, Neal & Soule, S.C., our Wisconsin permanent partial disability benefits lawyers help injured workers throughout the state obtain the benefits they are legally entitled to. For a free consultation with an experienced attorney, contact us today.

doctor examining man's back

Have Your Injuries Had a Permanent Impact?

Once the doctor who is treating you for your workplace injuries determines that you have achieved maximum medical improvement (MMI), you may be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits for any lingering effects of your injuries on your bodily function.

PPD is a benefit that is paid out for a fixed number of weeks, based on your doctor’s opinion of the percentage of your use of one or more body parts that you have lost.

In order to get the benefits you deserve, it is important to go to a doctor who understands how the workers’ compensation system works and what it means for someone to be permanently disabled. The lawyers at our firm will work with your doctor to obtain all of the information necessary to claim your workers’ compensation benefits.

Are You Unable to Go Back to Your Previous Job?

If, once you reach maximum medical improvement, you are not able to return to your old job and your employer is not able to give you a new job that you are medically capable of doing, you may be entitled to additional benefits for retraining or loss of earning capacity.

Our attorneys are known throughout Wisconsin as authorities on workers’ compensation law and advocates for injured workers. To discuss what we can do to help you get the benefits you deserve for a work-related disability, call us at 608-251-6045 or send us an email.

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